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OG Overview
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Compensation Plan Overview
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Organo Gold Wake Up Call
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Organo Gold English Presentation
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Ganoderma Health Benefits

Archive for January, 2012

Project 2500 Indiana

Over the next 90 days 2500 new business partners from Indiana and surrounding areas will be added to our proven business system and the unstoppable force of Organo Gold as we continue to bring the treasures of the Earth to the People of the World. Register for this event at

What Happened in Vegas…will not stay in Vegas this time!   Organo Gold Project 50,000 Vegas Recap.

OG Benz Club – Project 50K Promotional

PROJECT ***2500*** has officially launched for January with a MAJOR $499 GOLD PACK Vegas SPECIAL normally ($1295) available to new distributors NOW!! Financial Empowerement 2012. Go DIAMOND!!!
Here’s What You Will Recieve:

  1. Gold Pack Qualification for 60 days for just $499 (enabling you to earn the same comission levels as Sapphire and above Leadership positions, that’s 20% in the Dual Team see Compensation Plan Brochure or Compensation Plan video) (475CV/500QV)
  2. Only those with this promotional pack will have access to the 3 brand new,  just released products from Organo Gold!!
  • Organic Red tea with Cordyceps
  • Black Ice Tea (Our first Iced Drink)
  • Velvet Body Lotion
  •  P50k Vegas Promo Package also includes 3-Black 6-Mocha 6-Latte 5-Hot Chocolate 1-King of Coffee 1-Blue Mountain while supplies last!!! Only 10, 000 promo packs available and they will go fast so get yours now! 


The Ninth Way of Getting Paid in Organo Gold

Just Announced! At The Historic Organo Gold Project 50,000 Las Vegas Event…

In addition to the 7 ways of getting paid through the Organo Gold “King of Compensation” Plan, which pays out more per product purchases than any other plan in the industry, and the unofficial 8th way of getting paid which is a commitment from all the OG Diamond club members once you become a Diamond in  Gold, that should anything ever happen that precludes you from being able to work your business, for two weeks each, your fellow Diamonds will step in and work your market for you; Organo Gold has just announced a ninth way to get paid called the OG Benz Club.

The Benz Club is an exclusive program from Organo Gold where distributors can receive bonus income for a Brand New Mercedes Benz, Ferrari or Lamborghini.

Qualified Members Will Receive:

Sapphire $400 per month for Mercedes Benz
Ruby $600 per month for  Mercedes Benz
Emerald $800 per month  for Mercedes Benz
Diamond $1000 per month for  Mercedes Benz
Black Diamond and above $3000 per month Ferrari or Lamborghini


To qualify for the program a Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Diamond will:

1. Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Diamond registers for the program and qualifies for the club on month 1

2. Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald or Diamond qualifies again on month 2

3. The money is then, paid out


While this offer is exclusively in North America at the moment, Mr. Holton Buggs assured that everything is in the works to open the program up in other countries as well.









Welcome to Organo Gold!! The home of the #1 Lifestlye in the World!!

For more information visit:

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